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Chilliwack, BC


Being on the river, the lake or near any body of water is a form of therapy for each of us. We love to fish and tell the many stories that come with it. Fishing Guys is about a community of people that love the sport of angling and want to continue pursuing that next big fish.

Fishing Guys FishCast Season 01 Episode 03 - Tunkwa Lake Resort


Fishing Guys FishCast Season 01 Episode 03 - Tunkwa Lake Resort

Matthew Hawkins

Fishing Guys are coming back! And with a vengeance... well maybe.

This episode we talk about the close demise of Fishing Guys, our plans for the future AND we get special guest Al Patton from Tunkwa Lake Resort to talk about ice fishing, GoFishBC's stocking program and if ice fishing is actually bad for the fishery. 

Check out Tunkwa Lake Resort here:
Tunkwa Lake Facebook Page

Our official beer sponsor Old Yale Brewing Co. go check them out - thanks guys for the beer!

This episode we enjoyed some Devilfish Smash IPA and it was perfect!

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